Rewards Program

What is the MILITARY STAR Rewards Program?

The MILITARY STAR Rewards Program is our way of thanking the military community for shopping at the exchanges. Cardholders earn rewards on every MILITARY STAR purchase except purchases on the Military Clothing Line of Credit. You automatically receive rewards card delivered to the email on your account card after 2,000 points are earned. Rewards cards are issued in $20 increments.

How do I enroll in this program?

All MILITARY STAR cardholders are automatically enrolled in the MILITARY STAR Rewards Program. However, you must have a current valid email on your account to receive the rewards card.

How do I earn rewards?

You earn 2% rewards every time you use your MILITARY STAR card at participating facilities. (Rewards exclude the Military Clothing Line of Credit.)

How are my rewards calculated?

You will earn 2% rewards on your MILITARY STAR card purchases, excluding any returns, at participating facilities. Rewards do not apply to purchases on the military clothing line of credit. Two percent equals (2) points for every ($1) spent.

Where do I earn rewards?

You’ll earn rewards at any exchange facility, online at shopmyexchange.com, myNavyExchange.com and ShopCGX.com, commissaries and at participating facilities where MILITARY STAR is accepted.

What happens to my rewards if I return an item?

The rewards you earned for that purchase will be deducted from your account. If you have already received your rewards card, your rewards balance may become negative. As you continue to make additional purchases, your rewards balance will increase until you earn another rewards card.

How can I access my rewards balance?

You can view your rewards balance on MyECP.com, MILITARY STAR mobile app, or your monthly MILITARY STAR statement.

I made a purchase last week. Where are my points?

You can see your available rewards balance after your statement closes each month.

When will I receive my MILITARY STAR rewards card?

Your MILITARY STAR rewards card will be AUTOMATICALLY emailed to you once you have earned 2,000 points. You can expect to receive your rewards card within 48 hours after your statement closes each month.

What email address will I receive my MILITARY STAR rewards cards?

The MILITARY STAR rewards cards will come from the following email:
Military Star <egc@claim.cards>

Where can I redeem my MILITARY STAR Rewards Cards?

You may redeem your MILITARY STAR rewards card anywhere the Exchange gift card is accepted. This includes exchange facilities, shopmyexchange.com and myNavyExchange.com, exchange mall vendors and more.

What if I earned more than one rewards card?

Rewards cards are issued in $20 increments, if you accumulate 4,000 points in one billing cycle you will receive one $40 rewards card.

What email address will you send my MILITARY STAR rewards cards?

The MILITARY STAR rewards cards will only be delivered to a valid email address on your MILITARY STAR account. To add or update your email address:

  1. Log on to your account on MyECP.com (first time users must register on MyECP.com and an email is required to register your account)
  2. Under “Manage Account” select “Update Contact Info”
  3. Edit your information and select “update info”

What if I do not have an email address?

Your MILITARY STAR rewards card will not be sent if there is not a valid email on your account. You will continue to accrue points and they will remain on your account until a valid email address is added or updated. Visit MyECP.com or call 1‑877‑891‑7827 (STAR) (Additional telephone numbers) for assistance.

What if I didn’t receive an email with my rewards card?

Your MILITARY STAR rewards card will be delivered to the email on your MILITARY STAR account within 48 hours of your billing statement close each month. The MILITARY STAR rewards cards are emailed form Military Star <egc@claim.cards>. Check your junk or spam folder to see if it is there.

If you need further assistance, contact the Exchange Credit Program Call Center at 1‑877‑891‑7827 (STAR) (Additional telephone numbers).

What if I have plastic, physical rewards card?

The Military Star Rewards Program changed from mailing rewards card to delivering digital cards in November 2021. Any physical rewards cards are valid until they expire.